Your Life…. Before and After

(Scroll down for the BEFORE and after pictures,
but only if you have a strong stomach…. )

Let me tell you something about YOU.

YOU can do anything you want.

YOU are in control.

YOU can achieve as much success as you want to.

YOU can and will pick yourself up when life knocks you down.


That’s all I wanted to say,


P.S. I’m writing this because I just spent time
with my Dad. In the hardest, darkest times that I
faced this is what he told me.

In his words … “This too shall pass”. And he was always right.

And let me tell you …I’ve been knocked on
my ass more times than I can count.

And it was those very words that gave me the
encouragement to get back up and keep trying
one more time.

We all need someone in our corner. He was in
mine and always has been.

I’ll be in yours to the best of my ability.

We’re inundated with so much negative
garbage these days …we ALL need someone
to encourage us.

Look …if you’re struggling, I’ve been there
…and I can tell you first hand that it’ll get better
if you keep on trying.

I believe in you. Just Go for it.

Not long ago I hit 50 like a speeding truck, was lethargic, out of shape and generally miserable. 

I was miserable in my family life, and I was literally
on the brink of giving up on my dreams.

The stress was unbearable.


I remember sitting on my steps, being bent down
and tying my sneakers. My belly fat pushed on my chest
as I leaned forward and I actually got out of breath..
tying my shoes!!

I’d also been feeling run down and depressed for a long time.

I decided that day that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Apparently, you can’t be over 50, drink a lot of beer, eat
pizza and wings or whatever else was quick and easy
and wake up feeling like Superman.

And that’s exactly what I’d been doing.

OK – now that I’m typing that out, I see how
utterly moronic it sounds.

Anyway – that’s what I did for about 15 straight
years …which is why I had no energy and was
lethargic and stressed.

I mean REALLY stressed.

No kidding! The stress was so bad I ended up in the hospital once
with electrodes taped all over me to monitor my ticker for 24 hours
to make sure I wasn’t having heart troubles.

That’s a real pain to be wired up like the bride of Frankenstein, by the way.

I realized that it was TIME to change my life and the
answer was surprisingly close by.

My 19 year old daughter Hannah, is a fitness nut. She eats healthy,
runs and works out no matter how her day goes and looks like a fitness

TRULY annoying…

So I started going to the gym with her and she is a terrible, mean
trainer. Her new nickname is “Hurricane Hannah” in case you run
into her…

Ha Ha .. actually she’s not terrible but the truth is it was TERRIBLE
FOR ME me to start.

I felt stupid in the gym, not even knowing where to start AND I was
weak and out of shape.

AND it hurt – after about the fourth day my body was screaming
WHAT the #$%$^! ARE YOU DOING?

There were parts of me that hurt that I never knew existed.

And fast forward to today and I have an entirely different and
significantly happier life.

You’ll “get it” when you see the photos.

This is SO EMBARASSING but you can see the TRULY GROSS
BEFORE (no shirt on …hope you didn’t just eat) picture.


Yes, Hannah is the one on the right, and NO, no one is allowed to date her until she’s 30

Back to the message – It’s been a TOTAL life transformation.

My health and energy is great, and I enjoy my family and friends
so much more since then.

Once you have your health and energy levels up, they then
WORK FOR YOU to go after your dreams and goals.


If you’re looking back on the past year and
you’re NOT happy with where you are now,

Not if you keep doing the same stuff that’s
gotten you the results you’re not happy with.

So if this is you then let me do you the
same favor Hannah and my Dad did for me.


Look bud, you gotta change what you’re doing.

It’s not working.

If it was, you’d be thrilled with how things are.
But if you’re not, then it’s time to change.

Here’s how YOU can do it:

1. Get absolutely focused on what YOU really want.

and cell and just writing down the answer to this question:

“What do I REALLY want?”

Screw the marketing that tells you what you SHOULD want.

Screw what your wife, husband, parents, kids,
boss or anyone else WANTS you to want.

This is about YOU.

What do you REALLY want?

Want to get fit to have the energy and confidence to
pursue your dreams again?

Great. If that’s your thing, go for it.

Wanna run off and live on a boat in the Caribbean?
Good. My Mom and step Dad did that for 14 years with
almost NO MONEY.

You only live once.

Be happy. Live your dreams. Be Happy, live your dreams.

Worth saying twice. Life is too short.

Whatever you do, get clear. Otherwise you’re ripe
for falling into someone else’s agenda.

2. Dump All The Noise and clutter Out Of Your Brain.

You do this by writing down a huge list of EVERYTHING
you THINK have to do in order to live how you REALLY want.

Just doing that will kind of “clear it from your brain”
and free up space in your “mental computer’s” RAM.

3. Decide what’s doable SHORT TERM.

You know that big list you just made that’s probably
freaking you out?

Go through it and put star by all the stuff you can
actually do in the immediate future.

4. Decide what you can do NOW.

Now. You know all the stuff with stars by it?
The stuff you can actually DO?

Go through all of it and find the stuff you can do
in the next month.

Put two stars by those items.

5. Screw all the other stuff.

All the other stuff can be dealt with later.

Wait, “Isn’t that procrastination?”

“Isn’t that other stuff important?”

The answer to both questions is …PROBABLY!

But here’s the deal.

You can’t do anything about it right now, and if you
worry about it then you’re just taking away focus
and energy from the stuff you CAN do.

And that’s not going to get you anywhere.
Also – actually DO the “immediately doable”
things for the next 30 days, my experience
tells me that your momentum will be so great
you’ll actually be able to easily do a lot of the
things from your list you originally thought
were impossible for you.

You’ll also have new clarity and will probably
find that much of the other stuff on the list
isn’t even needed.



If you get all caught up on the little details,
you’ll be in the same place a year from now.

Don’t let that happen.

7. Don’t get sucked into blind positive thinking – ACCEPT REALITY

You wanna know something?

This is NOT gonna be easy. It’s NOT.

Remember how I told you I got in shape AFTER hitting 50 like a wet sack of luggage?

Man, that first week in the gym was a NIGHTMARE.

So not only was it hard, it was embarrassing!

I was failing in public and looked weak and clumsy.

But that’s what it took so I did it.

And in the end, it wasn’t so bad.

So if I can muster up the gumption to STRUGGLE IN
PUBLIC to spend 8 minutes on a treadmill in gym full
of pretty, fit girls, you can break through your comfort zone too.

YOU can do it. I believe in you.

P.S. The total life transformation has been so obvious,
friends are asking me about it.

So I wrote a simple PAINT BY NUMBERS, step by step
guide so they could do the same.

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